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5 Carpet Cleaning Myths Which Are Just Myths

Carpets are a lovely addition to any room. They make the room look warm, cosy and inviting thus adding to both the ambience and the aesthetics of the room. In fact wool carpet is also said to have properties which enable it keep the room air safe and by absorbing harmful pollutants etc.

However, there is a lot of confusion associated with carpet cleaning. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths attached which surprisingly people still follow. Some of these myths which can burn quite a mean hole in the pockets and should be avoided at all costs are:

  • Carpets can be left dirty: Carpets too get soiled and lose their original colour and brightness. And the longer they are left without being cleaned, the harder it gets to restore the carpet to its original hue and colour. In fact if carpets are left dirty for a long time, they tend to get discoloured. In fact the dust and dirt accumulated in its fibres may be invisible to the naked eye but is nevertheless present. And these dust and dirt debris tend to destroy the carpet fibres thereby causing permanent damage to it and causing it to wear away quickly.
  • Regular cleaning of carpets is not required: Nothing can be more wrong than this statement. It is not only the dust, debris and sand which gets accumulated in the fibres, different type of moulds, fungus, chemicals and pollen also get accumulated due to the pull of gravity. Over time the accumulation of these harmful microbes, chemicals etc., can cause health hazards and allergic reactions. In order to avoid this carpet needs to be cleaned once every 6 to 12 months.
  • All carpet cleaning methods are the same: With advancement in technology, carpet cleaning methods too have undergone a change. Today there are different cleaning methods available for tackling different types of carpet problems. Normal carpet cleaning method involves the application of a water based chemical which is allowed to dry on the carpet and then vacuumed. This method only cleans the surface of the carpet and does not go deep into the carpet. The use of water based cleaning soaks the carpet in a water based chemical to saturate as well as clean it. Then the carpet is vacuumed and dried.
  • Fancy equipments do a better job: It is not the equipments which do a great job of cleaning the carpets. It is the men who operate these equipments who facilitate proper cleaning of the carpet. Hence care should be taken to ensure that experienced and trained cleaners are used to clean the carpet and not go by what fancy equipment they possess.
  • Price is the determinant for choosing carpet cleaning method: Every person wants to get the best for the money invested. But there are times when low prices offered by carpet cleaners vis-à-vis the services offered can prove to be quite incorrect. In fact carpet cleaning methods should not be determined by the price offered. It might damage the carpet and might cost a lot more to get the damage undone.

Ensuring a high quality of cleaning should be the only consideration when it comes to carpet cleaning. And none of the prevalent myths are actual truths and should be absolutely avoided.

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