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Dispelling Some Common Myths About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an expensive yet popular home flooring option. Yet it is not the expense which generally deters people from opting for hardwood floors. It is the misconceptions and the myths attached to the use of hardwood as flooring material which acts as a deterrent in the choice for the same.

These misconceptions neither based on facts not are there any proofs to justify the same. Yet they get passed down generations thereby preventing people from enjoying the beauty and the benefits of hardwood flooring.

Some common myths and their corresponding facts about hardwood floors are enumerated below:

  • Expensive: It is true that the initial cost of the installation of hardwood floor planks and tiles is relatively high when compared to the other flooring options. But this initial cost can only seem high when taking a myopic view since the advantages associated with hardwood floors like longevity, durability etc., tend to pan out the initial cost over the years. This makes hardwood a lot less expensive than many other flooring options which need repair and restoration after every few years.
  • Maintenance is difficult: It seems like a norm for people to make statements without knowing the facts. Hardwood floors are one of the best flooring options when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. It just needs a regular sweep or vacuuming accompanied by a damp mop using recommended cleaners once a month. While hardwood floors tend to attain character with age, there are many who want to keep the shine intact. This can be easily achieved by recoating it with a suitable surface finish once in a while. Excessive use of water should be avoided at all costs and when the scratches become very prominent from regular use over a period of 10 years or so, the floor can be sanded and refinished to get a new look.
  • Vulnerable to scratches and stains: Wear and tear is a common process which every flooring option undergoes over a period of time. Linoleum tends to fall apart, tiles tend to get cracked and chipped, carpets get stained and acquire a musty smell from years of use. But hardwood floors are much more durable and this durability depends on the type of wood used, the treatment process it has undergone, its inherent hardness etc. Thus their ability to scratch also depends on these factors which ensure that:
    • They do not scratch that easily and
    • If they do get scratched, surface scratches can be easily repaired.
  • Poor insulators: There is a general misconception that hardwood floors are cold and lack insulating properties. But this too is an advantage since the use of rugs, carpets tends to impart a warm feeling underfoot and this warmth also stays for a longer time since hardwood minimises heat loss by being a bad conductor.

It is thus very important for people to judge the truth behind the myths using scientific and practical reasoning. Myths are just hearsay with no proof backing them up. Recognition of this fact will make it much easier to go ahead and make an investment in hardwood flooring and reap its benefits in terms of aesthetics, functionality and utility for years to come.

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