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Enhance The Beauty Of Your House With Rocks And Bricks

A good co-ordination of bricks and stones makes for a home unmatched in beauty and style. Best suited for decorating the exterior of homes, this is a combination which dates way back in history. Timeless in its appeal and universal in its popularity, this combination has managed to withstand the test of time effortlessly.

But more often than not, people tend to make the wrong choices in deciding the combinations. Even though there are no rules which govern the choice of a rock and bricks combination, generally the following points should be taken into consideration.

  1. Never ever try to get a combination that matches. This hold true for all instances other than if you have actually seen the combination on some other house. It is generally seen that the final output generally turns out to be different from what we envisage when we match combinations. Also there is no diversity of looks in using a matching combination of bricks and rocks. And if both look the same then why use different materials.
  2. Always choose contrasting combinations. This looks especially eye catching if the colour of either the rocks or the bricks is a combination of a pale colour and a dark, vibrant colour. Each material complements the other in perfect contrast thereby adding a unique dimension to the exterior of the house.
  3. Match the colour of the brick to the stone. It is generally seen that people try to match the colour of the bricks to that of the stone. But doing it the other way round makes it easier since stones generally tend to have accented colours instead of being one solid colour. Choosing the bricks to match the different tones present in the rocks used also helps us to understand the degree of contrast that needs to be brought into the combination. The chosen colour of the bricks will also help to highlight the colour of the stones or rocks used thereby imparting an inviting feel to the house. In fact if the colour of the brick clashes with the stone, the option to paint the bricks offers us with a lucrative alternative.
  4. Choose the correct type of stone or rocks to be used. There are many different types of rocks available today for building purposes. The hues, undertones and accents present in it offer even more diversity. Thus rocks are available in a range which is almost impossible to match and we are mostly spoilt for choice. But the key to making the right choice lies in understanding the basic character of the house. Hence rocks chosen to decorate the outside of a house should sync in absolutely with the character of the house, thereby enhancing its effect.
  5. Keep the combinations simple and basic. The combination of rocks and bricks, itself, imparts a gorgeous look to the house exterior. Hence the designs chosen to be imparted to them should also be simple to look at so as to bring out their inherent beauty and lustre.

More often than not when we choose these combinations we tend to forget the roof. This makes the house look incomplete and rather shabby. Hence the roof should also be decorated in a way that co-ordinates with the rocks and bricks combination used for the external walls. This not only completes the look of the house but also makes it feel especially beautiful.

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