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Handcrafted Tiles—The Latest Trend In Flooring Option

Hand crafted stone tiles are the latest trend in flooring options. They are beautiful and come in a wide variety of texture, colour and size thereby giving designers the flexibility to create innumerable flooring designs with the same.

The biggest advantage of hand crafted stone tiles lies in the fact that no two tiles are similar in any way and the beauty of these tiles lie in its heterogeneous character.

Handcrafted to perfection by artisans, these tiles using organic building materials add a touch of exotic uniqueness to the spaces where they are used thus making them timeless in their appeal. The basic difference between an engineered and handcrafted tile lies in the shade variation. Machine made tiles tend to be duplicate copies of each other since they are based on a single computer generated image. On the other hand artisan made or handcrafted tiles see variations in colour and texture in every tile crafted making each tile an original. It is the dissimilarity of the handcrafted tiles which account for its allure and charisma.

Some inspired designs

Looks and designs of these handcrafted or artisan tiles are inspired by many factors which increases their flexibility to fit in with any type of room décor. Some of the designs that are generally available are:

  • Rustic: These are simple tiles made of clay based organic materials. They generally have uneven edges and undulations with tiny cracks and chips to make them look authentically rustic. While faded colours combined with delicate patterns make for a very relaxed and vintage look, bolder patterns in intense shades add drama to the room where they are installed.
  • Hand painted: Each tile is either painted with individual motifs or made into a mixture of murals portraying modern vibrant patterns, delicate flowers, traditional designs etc. Special inks or enamels are used to create these patterns before the tiles are fired and glazed in the oven.
  • Embossed: Tiles portraying raised designs made from moulds set with clay and hand trimmed to achieve a beautiful embossed look before they are fired and fettled.
  • Metallic: These tiles are made of cast-metal and are given a metallic glaze either in copper, bronze, gold, steel or inky grey hue. These tiles are the ultimate in glamour and luxury where handcrafted or artisan tiles are concerned.
  • Moorish: Named so because of their places of origin in the Middle East and in and around the Mediterranean region, these are ceramic tiles available mostly in the traditional colours of red, yellow blue and green.
  • Encaustic: These tiles feature Victorian style decorative designs and made in a way that the design stays even when the tile itself has worn down.

Of course with the amount of hard-work and dedication that needs to be put into the making of these tiles, these artisan tiles tend to be a bit costly. But being made from natural and organic materials also ensures a healthy atmosphere wherever they are placed. Thus the initial cost pans out over a period of time with the advantages that it offers.

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