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Ways To Remove Pet Stains From The Carpet

The carpet is quite a prized flooring option because of the beauty it adds to the room. But having pets in the house can also lead to a lot of hassles with the pets staining the carpets accidentally.

But there are ways and means by which pet stains can also be removed from the carpet thereby leaving them looking as good as new.

While it is very important to clean stains left by accidental urination of pets, in most cases the urine would have been sitting for some time before it actually gets noticed. Care must be taken to ensure that urine stains are not left to fester since this can give rise to the growth of bacteria and consequently unpleasant odours fill up the whole area. Some of the methods which are effective, popular and proven are:

  • The urine needs to be soaked up completely if possible using paper napkins or a cloth towel. The best way to do it is to press the towel firmly against the urine so that it can absorb as much urine as possible from the carpet.
  • A solution using equal quantities of vinegar and water needs to be made in adequate quantities so that it can reach the deep recesses of the carpet fibres.
  • This solution needs to be poured over the urine stain and the whole of it needs to be worked into the carpet by giving it a vigorous scrub. The vinegar in the solution helps to neutralise the presence of ammonia in the pet urine.
  • The stain needs to be blotted again with the help of paper towels. The paper towel should be pressed firmly into it so that the whole of the area is completely dried out.
  • After ensuring that the region is dry, adequate amount of baking soda needs to be sprinkled on it so that it covers the entire area.
  • A solution containing half a cup of hydrogen peroxide needs to be mixed with one teaspoon full of any liquid dishwashing detergent and a paste made.
  • This paste needs to be applied onto the stain and vigorously scrubbed to give the area of the carpet a thorough cleaning.
  • The whole area should be allowed to day after which it should be vacuumed to ensure that the area is completely clean.

Some things to take extra care about when cleaning pet stains off the carpet are:

  • Hot water should never be used since it binds the protein of the urine onto the carpet fibre thereby setting both the stain and the odour.
  • The stain should always be blotted before the application of any cleaning product. Scrubbing the stain initially will only help to spread the stain and should thus be avoided at all cost.
  • Before the start of any procedure to clean a pet stain, it is necessary to get off as much mess as possible off the carpet. This enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Pets are adorable but their urine stains on carpet are not. But using the above methods it is possible to get pet stains off the carpet quite easily thereby ensuring that pets remain as lovable as they were before.

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