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We at Calgary Home Flooring Design Centre provide complete range of Floors Calgary to meet your needs. You may be looking for a specific color, style or flooring material, we have everything to fulfill your demands. One of the main reasons you will want to choose us is because we have more than a million customers behind us who can vouch for us. Here is a list of the main flooring materials that we deal in.


Laminates allow you to achieve the perfect imitation of Hardwood Calgary floors without the need to spend a fortune. We bring you endless types of coverings, so that you could create the perfect environment or match your existing decor.


We have thousands of unique and elegantly crafted carpets that can turn any room into a luxuriant and cozy space. Explore the endless collection of our carpets to create the perfect environment in your home.

Hardwood Flooring:

The rustic appeal of the wood is unmatchable. We at Calgary Home Flooring Design Centre bring you complete range of Hardwood Calgary flooring solutions, from the most exotic timbers to durable yet budget options. Oaks, maple, cherry wood and mahogany are just few of the timbers we carry. We can hand scrape and hand stain your floors to create unrivaled, rustic appeals.

Stone & Tile:

Stone and tile flooring have their own place when it comes to creating unique Floors Calgary for your home. We offer tiles in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and designs you can think of. Solid, durable and elegant, tiles and stones are timeless and can match any décor or help create the kind of environment you want.

Cork Flooring:

Cork flooring gives you the best of both world – durability and cushioned feel. A relatively new form of flooring option, it is fast becoming popular in Calgary for its unmatched properties. Choose cork Floors Calgary for comfort, elegance and strength.

Vinyl Tiles:

We offer the widest range of vinyl tile Floors Calgary. Easy to install and maintain, vinyl tiles are available in all colours and designs. You can find the perfect tiles to complement the décor for each room.