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Cork Flooring

Growing in popularity over the past few years, cork flooring is transforming how Calgarians decorate their homes and office space. Excellent for rooms that echo, cork flooring helps naturally reduce noise, making it perfect for rooms with lots of activity – think kids and pets, or even bustling offices.

Work with one of our design specialists to walk you through the variety of cork flooring designs, patterns, and colours to ensure you find the flooring that meets your needs and aesthetic tastes.

Cork flooring benefits
At Home Flooring, we are huge fans of the innovations with cork flooring, including it’s:

  • Hypoallergenic abilities from this natural fibre
  • Excellent acoustic insulation, helping to reduce unnecessary noise
  • Great insulation to keep you cool on hot summer days and warm in the thick of winter
  • Resistance to stains, insects, water, and mold
  • Flexibility to incorporate with radiant floor heating systems
  • Affordability for any budget
  • Ability to add a unique modern flair to any room or office space

Cork flooring is the definition of what happens when design, function, and elegance come together.


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