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Hardwood Or Laminated Wood—Which One To Choose

Hardwood is one of the most popular options for flooring albeit it is an expensive one. But it’s natural timeless beauty and warmth ensures a charm and elegance which can last for generations with proper care.

While traditional houses have hardwood flooring, the new one that are built generally opt for laminated flooring which is cheaper and easier to maintain.

There are some points that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a flooring option. They are:

  • Durability: Since hardwood planks and tiles are made of sanded and treated sold wood, they are able to withstand the standard wear and tear. But they are very prone to damage from liquid spills and water leaks which can cause it to swell and become warped. They are also prone to discolouration from the harsh glare of sunlight.

    On the other hand laminated wood or engineered wood is made by putting together multiple layers of high density fibres rather than wooden planks. This makes this wood very strong. It is also designed to look like natural wood and is resistant to heat and sunshine and also other forms of wear and tear.

  • Installation: For the installation of hardwood planks, they are fixed to the subfloor using bolsters making it harder to replace them. Installation of laminated wood is a quick and easy process which can even be done by the homeowner.
  • Affordability: Hardwood floors are much more expensive since they are made of solid wood from trees. Wood taken from exotic species are even more costly. Hardwood floors also have a higher maintenance cost. Laminated floor is much more affordable but it is not able to emulate the exact look of a hardwood. They are also relatively easy to maintain.
  • Damage control: For hardwood floor tiles or planks which get damaged due to wear and tear etc., it is not necessary to replace the same. In fact they can be refinished so as to look the same. however, laminated floor tiled if and when damaged need to be changed completely.
  • Longevity: Hardwood floors are much more long lasting since they use solid wood from the trees which are carved into planks and tiles for installation. In fact hardwood floors attain greater character thereby enhancing their natural elegance, the more they are used and the more they age. Laminated floor however, do not last as long as hardwood floors which can be passed down the generations. Laminated floors need to be replaced after a few years.
  • Aesthetics: Hardwood floors impart a certain classic charm and elegance to a room thereby enhancing its décor and making it seem very warm and inviting. Laminated floors can be used to emulate the looks of hardwood but it lacks in character. The shine and lustre of a hardwood floor when dulled can be refinished to get most of the original glow back. But for laminated floors there is a gradual degradation of the shine and there comes a point when the whole floor needs to be replaced.

Hence each has its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the same depends on the personal preference of the homeowner.

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