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Some Important Eco-Friendly Flooring Alternatives For Homes

Today people have become extremely environment conscious. They are well-educated about the hazards and long-lasting effects of using toxic flooring options. Thus green or eco-friendly flooring options have gained immense popularity in the past few decades.

This has helped people not only to minimise its impact on the environment but has also reduced health hazards by keeping the indoor air free from disease causing microbes, mites etc. Some very popular eco-friendly options which are currently in circulation are:

  • Cork: This is by far one of the best green flooring options available. It is affordable, durable and comfortable to walk on. Generally made by grinding and pressing leftover scraps of wine corks, they are essentially the thin bark of the cork tress obtained without causing any damage to the plant. Since the bark gets replenished every 9 years or so, there is always ample supple of the same. The cork flooring can be used in the bedroom, living room, living room, kitchen etc., but should not be used in the bathroom since they are unable to withstand water damage.
  • Bamboo: With unique looks and unmatched hardness and durability the bamboo flooring is an extremely useful green option used in homes. In fact the use of a horizontal place of bamboo sticks makes for a very cozy, comfy look while using it vertically makes the room look very modern and chic. Surplus in availability, the bamboo makes for great flooring for rooms which do not have a humid environment or where there is minimal or no use of water.
  • Linoleum:This flooring option is made from natural ingredients like rosin, linseed oil, broken down wood etc. Since it is not made up any harmful chemical, it also does not release them into the air, thus maintaining the air quality of the room where they are installed. Its durability and long-lasting feature makes it an ideal option for places witnessing high traffic. But even though it is water resistant, it is not water-proof and hence should not be used in bathrooms and flood-prone basements.
  • Wool carpet: This natural option also has great air-purifying qualities since it can absorb pollutants and harmful chemicals released by other household items. It has been scientifically proves that a wool carpet has the capability of keeping the room air safe for a period of about 30 years. It is an ideal option for places prone to cold weather and extremely low temperatures. However, since it is quite prone to damage from stains, spills and water, it should not be used in the kitchen or the bathrooms.
  • Rubber flooring: It is water proof and water resistant making it an ideal option for use in the bathroom, kitchen etc. Rubber flooring is made by recycling tire rubber and is an excellent option for using them. Ideally rubber flooring can be used in all rooms but they are becoming extremely popular as a trendy option for water prone regions of the house.

There are several other options like leather, recycles glass, recycled ceramics etc., which too offer good eco-friendly flooring options. With choices galore the buyer is able to easily choose one which syncs in with his room d├ęcor and be very happy with the choice made.

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