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Some Popular Alternative Options For Home Floors

With wood, ceramic, marble, tiles, vinyl etc., becoming quite common as flooring options, people are looking towards getting new ideas and materials to do the flooring of their house.

Consequently they are looking at options which are environment friendly, aesthetically beautiful, impart a nice feel underfoot, budget friendly and unique in its own way. This desire has given rise to a lot of new materials being used as flooring material like rubber, concrete, cork etc.

These alternative choices are imparting freshness to the rooms and giving them welcoming warmth which is being appreciated by one and all. Some of these alternative options are:

  • Bamboo: Technically a grass, bamboo is being popularly used as a flooring material today. Very similar to wood in looks, this option is extremely environment friendly and imparts a peaceful atmosphere to the room. It is also durable and resistant to moisture and wear and tear. It comes in a variety of styles and tends to make the floor look quite exotic.
  • Rubber: The use of rubber as an alternative flooring option for homes is a new trend and a very smart solution. This is because it is easy to clean and maintain, comfortable to stand on, is durable enough to take in a lot of wear and tear and is suitable for almost all rooms from the mudroom to the laundry, from the kitchen to the bathroom. It also helps to cushion the underfoot thereby making it one of the best options for rooms where one needs to stand for long hours like the kitchen.
  • Parquet: This is one flooring option which is being revived again for its visual interest, richness and character that it imparts to the room. In fact the classical design of the block parquet is today being used in a number of ways so as to create designs which are unique and modern. It is also available in a number of different tinges like honey, orange which make for interestingly patterned wooden floors.
  • Concrete: As an option, concrete has been there for ages but it was overshadowed by the other exotic options like hardwood, granite, marble, ceramics etc. In the past years its use has undergone a revival because it can be easily stained or tinted so as to change its original character from being cold and minimalistic to warm, cozy and welcoming. In fact concrete is also very versatile and can be adapted beautifully to suit traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional room decors.
  • Cork: This is another green option which has a very comfortable feel and its springy nature makes for a great feeling underfoot and also protects it from dings and dents. It also has a unique texture which is visually apparent and imparts a sense of flair to the room. It is extremely versatile and goes well with both contemporary and modern home styles and its natural softness imbibes the room with a friendly vide.

Since good interior decoration generally starts from the floor and works its way up, choosing the right kind of flooring for the house can form an excellent foundation on which the theme for the rest of the room can be based. Thus when alternative styles of flooring are used, they make the room look uber cool and unique; something which every home-owner desires.

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