Things To Think About Before Renovating Your Home Floor

Over a period of time home floors tend to look jaded and overused. It loses its appeal and you make a conscious effort to plan to renovate and remodel your home floor. But while choosing a good home flooring option is an exciting prospect, there are certain things which you and every homeowner planning to change his flooring should consider beforehand. These things should be given their due consideration so as to avoid unnecessary hassles and obstacles during the actual process of the renovation itself.

  • Presence of asbestos: There was a time in the pre 1980s when asbestos was considered to be the best insulating and fire proofing material. Thus homes with flooring dating back to that period have a good chance of containing asbestos. The removal of asbestos can be quite a hazard since it gives rise to a host of health related problems. It should thus be done by professionals after a lot of deliberation and planning.

  • Humidity: Humidity plays a very important factor in the ultimate choice of the flooring option. It can be quiet a dampening factor since it tends to damage certain kinds of floors like carpet and wood. These options should never be chosen for the bathroom or kitchen where the chances of water spilling are a perpetual risk.

  • Cost: The more expensive and durable the flooring option, the costlier it becomes. Hence installation of hardwood, marble etc., should only be done if the
    • Total cost of installing is within your budget and
    • The cost can be brought down by the use of the present underlay.

  • Traffic: More often than not we tend to go overboard with the selection of the flooring option thereby making a choice without taking certain important things into consideration. The amount of traffic that a floor needs to withstand is one such criterion which needs to be considered. Thus while the choice of a carpet or wood floor might seem aesthetically extremely good, they wear away quickly when installed in places like hallways and staircases.

  • Care: After installation care refers to a maintenance process that continues throughout the lifetime of the flooring option selected. Some flooring options might look extremely good but need a lot of care for maintaining their beauty. These options should only be chosen if you are able to give it the required time and spend that amount of money which is required for its upkeep.

  • Aesthetics: It is very important to choose the flooring option very carefully since the right choice of flooring has the potency to make a:
    • Small room look considerably larger,
    • Brighten up an otherwise dark room,
    • Add a cheerful outlook to a room,
    • Give it extra character and a welcoming charm,
    • Enhance the room decor by blending in with it.

    Today with so many innovative and exceedingly beautiful flooring options available, the homeowner wanting to renovate his home floor is spoilt for choice. But putting a stress on the points mentioned above will definitely help him to make the choice easily and will ensure a beautiful, hassle free home for a long period of time.

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