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Use Spring Tiles To Bring Indoors The Essence Of Spring

With spring setting in, it is time for the pastels and floral patterns to come back into use. Decorating the living room with fresh patterns inspired by the advent of spring with lots of light colours and designer space thrown in, is something that everyone looks forward to.

With winter being mostly monochrome, the vibrancy of spring with its soft hues and colours makes every room seem very pretty and lively like a breath of fresh clean air.

Some things which help make spring decoration a pleasure are:

  • The presence of large windows with wide window sills to put the newly growing potted plants on,
  • Use of the white colour in plenty to make the rooms look bright and cheerful,
    Accessories chosen need to be very colourful and vibrant to set off a perfect contrast against the white or light coloured backdrop,
  • Floral patterns should be used wherever possible so that blossoms and blooms continue from the outdoor to the indoors.

In fact even when redecorating the living room, the floor too can be given a spring look with the help of ceramic tiles which are best suited for spring. Since it is the floor which sets off the atmosphere and the looks of the room, during spring it is best to use tiles in floral patterns and pastels so that they are able to reflect natural light coming in from the doors and windows thereby making the room look naturally bright. Some of the tiles which can be used to brighten up the living room in spring are:

  • Vitrified tiles:These tiles have low porosity and are thus stain resistant and quite strong. This makes these tiles ideal options for spring wherein live and fresh potted plants too can be kept inside without fear of staining. Made by baking silica and clay at rather high temperature which induces the individual particles to melt and fuse together, these tiles are a perfect alternative to the costly marble or granite flooring.
  • Glazed tiles:These tiles offer good opportunities for digitally imprinting or glazing ceramic tiles with a variety of designs and patterns, artwork and even surface textures of stone, wood, slate , bamboo etc. Thus the spirit of spring can be easily translated in the form of patterns and artwork in these glazed tiles.
  • Porcelain:These tiles are by nature white and translucent and rather hard. Variously coloured materials are infused into them during glazing to impart different designs to the same. These light coloured tiles with matching pastel streaks make for an excellent background for spring decorating the living room.
  • Pebble tiles: These are designer tiles which are made by attaching small pebbles to the backing. Generally sporting interlocking patterns made with the help of many different types of stones, these tiles when installed give a beautiful seamless pattern. This concept which first developed in Indonesia is relatively new but fast catching up for spring remodelling of floors.

There are many other types of tiles which are being introduced to catch the flavour and spirit of spring like digitally printed tiles, decorative glass times which can be made to enhance any spring décor, decorative tiles, brickwork tiles for a more natural looking setting etc. With options galore, the customer is rather spoilt for choice when it comes to spring decorating the living room with tiles.

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