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Using Chemical Cleaners And Stain Removers For Carpet Cleaning

Installing a carpet in a room has a number of advantages. It enhances the décor of the room thereby adding to its character and giving it extra welcoming warmth which is generally appreciated by most people visiting the house.

It also helps to trap heat in the cold and harsh winter months thus making it very confortable to walk on and also provides an extra soft padding which can counter the hardness of ceramic and stone floors easily.

But a carpet is also extremely prone to the accumulation of dust, dirt, sand, grit and many other allergens. This makes it quite unsafe for use especially in homes with kids and aged parents residing. And carpets, if not cleaned properly, can give rise to allergic reactions, breathing problems and many other such health ailments.

Liquid spills and seepages can also result in stains which too need to be cleaned to ensure the carpet keeps adding to the beauty of the room. But in order to clean the carpet, especially when it is a DIY situation, cleaners and stain removal chemicals used should be thoroughly checked before use. While the market is flooded with carpet cleaning products which boast of impressive removal of stains, dust and debris, a carpet cleaning and stain removal product should only be chosen after careful deliberation else it can damage the carpet by:

  • Resulting in the irreparable loss of the shine and colour of the carpet leaving it looking dull and jaded and
  • Accumulation of the chemicals in the carpet over a period of time tends to attract more dust and debris thereby making it even more unsafe.

In fact the chemicals remaining behind due to the improper removal of the same can result in altering the chemical composition of the stain which might thus become irremovable. This can however be prevented either by:

  • Keeping a few points in mind when choosing a chemical cleaner or stain removal like:
    • Type of carpet the cleaner is to be used on,
    • Whether the cleaner uses ingredients which are non-toxic,
    • Chemicals that are used should not be very strong or harsh on the carpet,
    • The type of cleaning method that needs to be used for the effective use of the cleaner etc.
  • Or by getting the job done by a professional from the very beginning.

In fact many a times it is better to call in professionals to do the job of cleaning the carpet. This is because the use of DIY cleaning chemicals and stain removers do more harm than good. And calling in the professionals after a carpet cleaning job gone wrong is not a good option to avail. It is also better to give the carpet a complete wet rinse once in a while so that any residual chemicals can be completely removed thereby making the carpet safer to use and ensuring that the quality of the air in the room remains absolutely normal.

Carpet cleaning is a job that needs knowledge and precision to execute properly. The use of the correct quantity of the chemical cleaners, the use of the correct process for cleaning, ensuring proper and complete clean-up of the same after the cleaning process etc., are some processes which require precision. Only then the carpet installed can be kept clean and safe for use for years on end.

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