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Using Laminated Flooring To Make A Space Look Bigger

The basic ideology which prompts the installation of any flooring is the need to make the room look spacious and bright. Since the flooring occupies a particularly large area of the room,

the choice of flooring especially for small areas is always very critical. Few things that must be kept in mind while choosing the flooring for a small room are:

    Colour of flooring: There is a common conception that light colours tend to make a space look bigger. While this might be true in case of walls, while choosing the flooring of a room, it is always better to opt for darker and richer colours. These when combined with appropriately chosen light colours of the walls tends to make a room visually expansive and virtually big.
  • Tile placement: Placing the flooring tiles diagonally also tends to create the impression of the room being larger than it is. This optical illusion is created because on entering a room with diagonally placed tiles, the visibility of the broadest part of the pattern tricks the eyes and subsequently the brain into thinking that the room is quite big.
  • Use of larger tiles: Using the logic for diagonal tiles, it can be safely said that the placement of larger tiles too tricks the brain to perceive a small room as big. In fact this applies to tiles with large patterns too which when placed diagonally using large tiles virtually increases the carpet area of a room without actually increasing its dimensions.
  • Free space: It is very important to keep the flooring as clutter free as possible since placement of furniture, storage and other decorative items on the floor tends to eat into the space available making the room appear much smaller and claustrophobic than it actually is. Hence a clutter free floor too gives the impression of space.

The installation of laminated flooring can thus be taken as a wonderful decision especially when there is a need to virtually increase the space of a room and make it appear big. In fact laminated floors are not only functionally beneficial, they are aesthetically very appropriate too. Some points which justify laminated flooring as the ideal choice for smaller spaces are:

  • Availability of tiles and planks in larger sizes which impart a casually richer look to the room,
  • They are available in a wide range of colour options ranging from the medium and light browns to the greys, darker wood colours etc.,
  • The wide spectrum of designs available on the laminated tiles and their ability to simulate both the texture and looks of other expensive flooring options like stone, hardwood etc.,
  • Natural defects like grains etc. can be naturally incorporated into the design of the laminated flooring tiles and planks thereby adding to their ability to give the room more character and depth.

The ability of laminated flooring to create endless patterns and designs further adds to their utility when it comes to visually making a room look big. In fact it is this feature of laminated flooring which enables it to harmonise with any and all types of room decors and themes. Thus it helps to make the room look big and also increases its beauty, charm and aesthetics.

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